11 Moms Reveal the Best Breastfeeding Advice They Ever Received

April 16, 2014

No one knows breastfeeding better than moms who’ve been there – through sore nipples, fussy infants, self-doubt, and long nights. See what these 11 moms had to say about their breastfeeding experiences as they share the best advice they’ve ever received.   “If your baby is happy, full, and gaining weight…they’re getting enough! Don’t let… Read More

Weaning + You: Managing the End of Your Breastfeeding Journey

February 25, 2014

Just like every mom and every baby is different, every breastfeeding journey is different – and each journey begins and ends under unique circumstances. No matter what factors have gone into your decision to wean, know that it can be a very emotional time – you may feel relieved, sentimental, sad, or a combination of… Read More

Straight From Moms: The Best Breastfeeding Advice I Ever Received

April 23, 2013

We went straight to the source to get the best breastfeeding advice: Moms. These Medela moms are just like you. They’ve wiped countless spit-ups, overcome concerns of low milk supply, discovered just how special late night feedings can be and mastered the art of breast pumping. Making them perfect candidates to share best-kept breastfeeding advice.… Read More