The 19 Most Surprising Things About Breastfeeding

December 21, 2017

No matter how prepared you are for breastfeeding, there’s bound to be something that surprises you. Maybe it’s the rollercoaster emotions, maybe it’s how ravenously hungry you are ALL the time. We asked our community of real moms what surprised them most about their breastfeeding experience, and here’s what they had to say: “How hungry… Read More about “The 19 Most Surprising Things About Breastfeeding”

16 Tips + Tricks For Moms Who Pump Frequently

November 24, 2015

Do you pump multiple times a day? If so, you’re definitely considered a “frequent pumper.” Congratulations! With frequent pumping comes joy and the knowledge that you’re giving your baby the very best. But breast pumping can also bring uncertainty, questions and even concerns. Here are some great tips and tricks designed to make frequent pumping… Read More about “16 Tips + Tricks For Moms Who Pump Frequently”