Tips for Talking to Your Employer about Breastfeeding

July 17, 2012

After spending a few months navigating the countless adventures of becoming a mom, the thought of returning to work can be quite intimidating. Don’t let it be. Begin talking to your employer about your breastfeeding needs and come up with a plan for pumping at work. Also, reach out to other breastfeeding or pumping moms… Read More

Tips for Pumping On-The-Go

February 7, 2012

Breastfeeding and pumping moms are dedicated to providing the best nutrition for their babies. In some cases, that means pumping on-the-go. Realistically, it’s not always possible to pump in that perfectly comfortable rocking chair at home or curled up on the couch. Busy moms like you squeeze pumping sessions in between meetings, cooking dinner, and… Read More

Pumping in The Workplace: Rights of Breastfeeding Moms

December 13, 2011

Pumping at work can be a challenge, but there are laws in place to protect the rights of working moms and provide them with the encouragement to breastfeed longer. Here’s an overview of these breastfeeding laws, so more working moms have the opportunity to provide breastmilk for their little ones. The Affordable Care Act includes… Read More

Developing a Pumping Routine at Work

October 18, 2011

We understand that going back to work can be one of the most challenging times for a breastfeeding mom. It puts incredible demands on your time and, more importantly, cuts into your precious cuddle time with your little one. So, we’re happy to provide you with these tips to make the transition back to work… Read More