Introducing MyMedela

July 7, 2015

We’re thrilled to announce MyMedela, the newest addition to the Medela Family! MyMedela is your breastfeeding partner, and features lots of great ways to help you reach your breastfeeding goals – and it’s now available on Apple and Android devices! It’s FREE! Download now in the App Store >> Download now in the Google Play Store… Read More

Medela Recycles Ambassador Spotlight: Stephanie Barnhart

July 6, 2015

How has the “mom community” changed your life? Being a mom may not always be an easy job, but we can all make it a little easier by supporting one another. Medela Recycles Ambassador Stephanie Barnhart shares how her life has changed since becoming a mother and why she’s helping us spread the word about… Read More

Ask the LC: PersonalFit Breastshield Sizing

June 30, 2015

Breastfeeding is one of the most magical and rewarding experiences in a mom’s life. But without proper guidance and equipment, it can also be stressful, frustrating and even painful. Thankfully, expert advice combined with the right PersonalFit Breastshield size can help make your pumping experience is as positive as possible. We recently asked our Facebook… Read More

Ready For Anything: Tips For Breastfeeding Moms

June 4, 2015

More than anyone else, moms know that being prepared for the unexpected isn’t just a good idea – it’s necessary for taking care of a family day-to-day. Whether you’re a working mom who pumps daily or you’re getting ready for a night away from your baby, build a little security into your routine and take… Read More

Medela Recycles Ambassador Spotlight: Lauren Hartmann

June 2, 2015

What challenges have you faced as a new mom? Some mothers struggle with breastfeeding, while others face tougher challenges with a baby in the NICU.  We’re proud to have Medela Recycles Ambassador Lauren Hartmann’s support as we travel to visit to the Ronald McDonald House of Portland & Southwest Washington this month. Lauren isn’t just helping us spread the… Read More