5 Tips for Using Up Surplus Breast Milk

June 7, 2017

Not every mom is fortunate enough to have a surplus of breast milk. But if you’re pumping milk and realize you’re producing more than you need to feed your baby, or if you find yourself at the end of your journey with a freezer full of milk, consider these ideas for putting that hard-earned liquid gold to good use.

  1. Donate It! Breast milk donation is an incredible way to help out mothers and babies who need it most. When you donate through an official milk bank like the Human Milk Banking Association of North America, your donated milk is used to help premature babies in the NICU, newborns with gastrointestinal problems or other illnesses, and babies whose mothers cannot breastfeed.
  2. Mix Breast Milk Into Baby’s Food. Once your baby is eating solids, you can mix breast milk into any foods that call for milk, like oatmeal, pancakes or mac and cheese. Or, just give your little one a sippy cup of breast milk to drink instead of juice or cow’s milk.
  3. Make Breast Milk Ice Pops. If you’re pumping more than your baby is regularly eating, try freezing breast milk into popsicle molds or ice cubes. These “momsicles” are especially great for teething babies, or as a summer treat for toddlers.
  4. Give Baby a Milk Bath. If your breast milk is no longer good to drink (anything longer than 12 months in a deep freezer), consider using it in other ways. Many moms recommend pouring your little one a milk bath to help moisturize and soothe their sensitive skin. All you need is enough breast milk in to make the water cloudy. Just remember, never ever leave your baby unattended in the bath!
  5. Get Crafty. Again, if your breast milk is past its “use by” date, there are a lot of fun ways you can use it up. Try making homemade breast milk soap, lotions, or diaper creams. Pinterest is full of fun and crafty ideas to get you inspired.

What other ways have you used up surplus breast milk? Share in the comments below.

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