19 Real Moms Share Their Best Breastfeeding Advice

March 29, 2017

There’s no shortage of breastfeeding advice out there – good, bad, and everything in between. We asked our community of moms to share the absolute best breastfeeding advice they’ve ever received. We received over a thousand responses with tons of great tips, mantras and reminders.

And, because the best thing about getting good advice is passing it on, we’ve compiled some of our favorites for you to learn from and share:

1. “Your breasts are factories, not warehouses. Empty them frequently!” — Renee M.

2. “Don’t look at the clock to see when to nurse, look at your baby.” — April R.

3. “Breastfeeding is hard, but worth it. Don’t think about having to breastfeed for the next six months. Just get through the next feeding. Then the next. Then the next. Getting through just one feeding at a time can save your sanity!” — Kendall F.K.

4. “You are a good mom. You are already doing what’s best for your baby, so don’t beat yourself up when it’s hard. It will get easier.” — Sierra R.

5. “ Take care of mom first. Don’t forget to eat or drink water.” — Novella N.

6. “Try to have good posture while you’re breastfeeding. You will already have some back pain after delivery, and hunching over to breastfeed only makes it worse. Bring your baby to your breast, not your breast to your baby.” — Kimi W.

7. “The first three weeks are the hardest. At six weeks it starts getting easier. By three months you’ll start feeling badly for the mom who has to mix up formula in the middle of the night.” — Alexis G.

8. “Cluster feeding is normal and has nothing to do with ‘not enough milk.’ So, find a comfy spot on the couch, turn on Netflix, have lots of water and snacks, and enjoy the time with your baby.” –Julie S.

9. “Ask for help. And be specific.” — Rebecca L.H.

10. “You may feel like you are feeding constantly! But rest assured baby knows what he or she needs. So, trust yourself and your baby. And if your breasts are sore, take a break and pump for a couple of days.” — Sarah K.

11. “Don’t quit on a bad day!” — Mandi E.

12. “It’s worth it. Every little bit you can give your baby is the best, even if it’s only for a few days.” — Crystal G.

13. “Some days you’re going to hate it. You’re going to want to quit. You’re going to look at your screaming, hungry baby and just want to walk away because you’re tired and sore. And you know what? That’s all ok!” — Heidi A.

14. “If the doctor says your baby looks healthy and is getting enough milk, believe them!” — Sara H.

15. “Get enough rest. Sleep when baby sleeps and rest when you can. “ — Cindy H.

16. “Don’t compare yourself to other moms, just try to keep getting to your next personal goal.” — Melissa P.K.

17. “Take time for yourself. Even if you take just a half day once a month, you’ll feel better.” — JG D.

18. “Go to the free breastfeeding support group at your hospital or in your community if there’s one available to you.” — Priscilla C.

19. “This too shall pass. Baby teething/fussy/constantly nursing? It will pass. Baby has a cold and can’t nurse as well? It will pass. Nipples sore from a growth spurt? It will pass. Nothing is forever!” — Mindy J.

Did your favorite breastfeeding advice make the list? If not, share it in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “19 Real Moms Share Their Best Breastfeeding Advice

  1. If u have done all you can or even if you just dont want to or it doesnt work out for you and your baby, whatever the reason is, dont feel guilty about feeding your baby formula. Fed is best, no matter how the baby gets fed.

  2. Use a pump to save up a lot of milk fast so you can stop breastfeeding sooner because you have milk stored up to last until baby is a year old

  3. The bond you feel while breastfeeding is far by the best. Your baby and your wallet will appreciate your twins.

  4. For starters, when you are trying to maintain milk supply, always nurse when you’re with your baby. Only pump when you’re away from baby. Do not skip a shift at night by giving your baby a bottle. Get up and nurse, even when you’re half asleep. Trust me, bare with it and push through it and you will be able to keep your breast milk flow.

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