Pump Impressions: Best Of

January 12, 2017

We’ve been in the breast pump business a long time (Since 1961 to be exact). And in that time we’ve learned some universal truths about pumping and breastfeeding that all moms can agree with.

Universal Truth #1: Breast pumps (up to now) aren’t quiet!

Breastfeeding is an amazing thing, with loads of benefits for both mom and baby. So, it makes sense that being quiet isn’t a pumping mom’s first concern – you’re providing life-giving breast milk to your baby, after all! But, we also know that discretion is important to many pumping moms today, especially those who need to pump at work, school, or other public places. That’s why we set out to make our latest arrival, Sonata, our quietest breast pump yet.

Universal Truth #2: You will get to a point where you hear your breast pump “talking” to you.

Any pumping mama will admit to getting a bit stir-crazy after spending hours with that little machine. After a while, you swear it’s sending you secret messages with its whirring. Whether you’re hearing “let go, let go,” “wake up, wake up,” or “give me more milk, give me more milk,” rest assured that you’re not crazy – you’re just a pumping mom!

We put these universal truths to the test and asked moms to show us their #PumpImpression on Instagram for a chance to win our newest, highest-performing (and quietest!) personal-use breast pump, Sonata. The results were expectedly hilarious, and we’ve collected a few of our favorite submissions below for your viewing pleasure!

The first entry. A big thank you to Rachel for starting us off on the right foot!


A post shared by Rachel Travis (@rachelmtravis) on

“Uh oh” and “oh no?” What are you warning us about, pump?

And the winner… Brandie’s excellent use of Snapchat filter earned her a round of applause from our team, and the grand prize for our #PumpImpression contest!

Congratulations to Brandie, and we hope you enjoy your prize: a brand new Sonata Breast Pump!

Learn more about how Sonata is changing the pumping game at http://bit.ly/2j8giZr.

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