13 Moments Only Breastfeeding Moms Understand

July 19, 2016

Breastfeeding and pumping can be one of the most rewarding things you do for your baby. But it can also be a lot of work!

Whether you breastfeed for a month, a year, or more, you’ll find yourself devoting a big chunk of your time to nourishing this tiny human. And like anything you’ve spent a lot of time doing, you start noticing the little moments and milestones that make it all worth it.

These are just 13 moments that all breastfeeding and pumping moms will understand.


Feeling enormous satisfaction from expressing just a tiny amount of colostrum during those first days.

Bottle of liquid gold
Photo via @melady315


And later, feeling on top of the world when you pump an entire five ounces from just one breast.

Pump and Save bag filled with breast milk

Photo via @mommysworld1316 


When you’re feeling cranky, but catch a glimpse of that little toothless grin and forget all about it.

Baby smiling at the camera

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The blissful feeling that comes over you when you’re nursing and your baby locks eyes with you.

Mother breastfeeding while baby and mom look into one another's eyes

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The way your heart melts when you watch your loved ones bottle feeding baby.

Dad feeding baby with bottle

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The immediate relief when your partner offers to help prep, feed, or clean for you.

Dad preparing bottle to feed at kitchen counter


That undeniable feeling of pride when you’ve finally built up a big enough stash to head back to work or have to be away from your little one.

Freezer drawer full of pump and save bags filled with breast milk

Photo via @mrslisao

When you get excited over all of the different places you’ve nursed – from the beach, to your favorite restaurant, and everything in between.

Mother smiling, breastfeeding at the beach at sunset

Photo via @postpartumobsession

When you start adding “and breastfeeding” after every activity in your daily planner.

Mother breastfeeding at the mall

Photo via @daveydowe

When your best friends help you celebrate all of your breastfeeding and pumping milestones.

Medela bottle turned into a trophy titled "One Year Pumping"


That moment you realize you’ve joined a true sisterhood.

Two mothers sitting next to each other in the same pose, both breastfeeding their babies.

Photo via @erikasueg

When breast milk starts getting its own designated real estate in the refrigerator.

Medela bottles filled with different amounts in freezer door

Photo via @allisonmalone_ 

And when you realize your breast milk is responsible for giving your baby those irresistible chubby cheeks.

Cute baby holding its own feet, smiling at camera

Photo via @jramz02

2 thoughts on “13 Moments Only Breastfeeding Moms Understand

  1. I really needed to read this! Breastfeeding and pumping are a lot of work, but I’m happy that I am nourishing my baby girl!

  2. Tiffany Shimmel says:

    Some of these are definitely NOT true for me and didn’t make me feel great (I never pumped any colostrum and I have only on a handful of occasions pumped 5 ounces from one breast, i.e. Not everyone can “feed an army” with their milk supply) but I do have plenty to add to the list.

    1.) counting all the iconic places in which you have pumped! – St. Peter’s basilica, the Acropolis, Yankee stadium to name a few

    2.) reveling in your nursing bliss when you can sit for 40 minutes and nurse baby after she’s grown up and only usually eats for 20 minutes

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