Medela Recycles Ambassador Spotlight: Jessica McFadden

August 11, 2015

Jessica McFaddenMedela Recycles Ambassador Jessica McFadden shared with us how parents can support each other, as well as the community, through Medela Recycles. Her passion for giving back is contagious – read on to learn what inspires Jessica to help moms in need and why she’s supporting the Medela Recycles movement.

We are so grateful for your support of Medela Recycles. What inspired you to join us as a Medela Recycle Ambassador?

Working with my fellow Washington area parents is my passion. I am especially focused on assisting local mothers who are struggling. The structures of our society and especially this urban area make it extremely tough for women with children to hurdle the obstacles of employment, education, childcare, housing and healthcare needs. Individuals’ hard work and inner strength can only do so much. Movements like the Medela Recycles program can give the boost of cost savings, health, and support to families with needs not addressed by the public sector and insurmountable on their own.

What about Medela Recycles speaks to you?

After our first child was born, I was lucky to have been given a new Medela Pump In Style Advanced breast pump through my husband’s workplace healthcare provider, a progressive practice I wish all companies would adopt! However, as a mother who had the freedom to work from home while our three children were infants, and the blessing of full-term babies who did not need the NICU, so I rarely used my pump. I was dismayed that I was in possession of a nearly new, hardly used, awesomely portable breast pump. What was I supposed to do with it? I love that Medela Recycles solves this dilemma!

How does your role as a mother influence your work with Medela Recycles and RMHC?

Being a mother to Charlie, Eve and Alice permeates everything I do. Their well-being is everything to me, and I believe every parent feels the same about their children. That is why anything we can do to assist parents with children involved in a healthcare crisis is essential. Helping infants and parents in need of a breast pump, or families served by the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and increasing awareness about the Medela Recycles and RMHC programs, is a no-brainer.

Who is your biggest philanthropic influence, or role model, who you feel is actively changing the world for the better?

I have many, but Corinne Cannon, the founder and Executive Director of DC Diaper Bank is my Washington woman hero. She left a profitable career to establish the first diaper bank in Washington. Cannon juggles family with the growing non-profit and gives up a consistent salary and lots of sleep to serve thousands of low-income Washington area families.

Working with Medela as a Recycles Ambassador, what sort of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I want to help other moms. That means directly assisting parents in need, helping to change institutions to better serve mothers, or communicating ways the public can help women in our community. I believe the Medela Recycles does all three, and I am happy to lend my hands and my voice to the program.

Each pump recycled through the Medela Recycles program supports the donation of new hospital-grade breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies to Ronald McDonald House Charities. The goal is to provide moms with the same high-quality equipment they use at the hospital during their stay at a Ronald McDonald House. Learn how you can get involved and join the Medela Recycles movement.


­­­­­­Jessica McFadden is the creator and author of the award-winning website for Washington parents, A Parent in Silver Spring. Jessica started her blog in 2008 as a way to help parents in her suburb build community and share info about local resources, and it has since grown to be a key outlet for families throughout the DC Metro. Jessica is committed to social good work that serves her fellow hardworking parents such as DC Diaper Bank, Capital Area Food Bank, and now, Medela Recycles. Jessica and her blog have been featured in media such as CNN, Forbes, and The Washington Post, and Jessica is a freelance contributor to national and local publications, too. However, Jessica’s most important gig is being a mom to son Charlie and daughters Eve and Alice.

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    • Hi Brittany,

      Sorry for the confusion – Medela does not reuse donated parts for recycling for any manufacturing purposes or refurbish used personal use pumps. For the Medela Recycles program, Medela is asking moms to turn in their used pumps so we can responsibly break down and recycle them. You can learn more about Medela Recycles here:

      Have you talked to your insurance provider about upgrades? You could also ask about using FSA/HSA funds to get a pump. Another option would be to talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for a breast pump (some insurance plans cover pumps in cases of medical necessity).

      Hope this helps! Thanks for your comment.

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