Introducing MyMedela

July 7, 2015

We’re thrilled to announce MyMedela, the newest addition to the Medela Family! MyMedela is your breastfeeding partner, and features lots of great ways to help you reach your breastfeeding goals – and it’s now available on Apple and Android devices!

It’s FREE!

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MyMedela is your ‘everything breastfeeding’ app, helping you to:

  • Log your breastfeeding and pumping sessions – use MyMedela’s stopwatch to easily track the start and end time of your nursing or pumping sessions with one–touch technology.
  • Track diapers, sleep, and more – keep tabs on your baby’s height, weight, sleep, and diaper changes.
  • Receive reminders and notifications – celebrate your accomplishments and manage your goals. MyMedela looks out for you, sending helpful tips and motivators based on your tracked info and unique journey.
  • See stats at-a-glance – view your activity log for a complete overview of your baby’s activity or to share info with your healthcare provider. Sort by day or week to explore your little one’s growth and development.
  • Reach your goals by discovering your strengths and areas for improvement – gain breastfeeding confidence by understanding your strengths and identifying areas to focus on. MyMedela provides you with hyper-relevant, personalized content to help you breastfeed successfully for as long as you choose.
  • Troubleshoot pumping and breastfeeding issues – use MyMedela’s Problem Solver to connect instantly with the best answers to common questions about breastfeeding and breast pumps. Troubleshooting tips and educational info also help equip you with everything you need to reach your goals.

Plus, MyMedela registered users enjoy perks including FREE shipping on orders over $30 in the Medela store!

Learn more about MyMedela >> 

It’s FREE!

Download now in the App Store >>

Download now in the Google Play Store >>

11 thoughts on “Introducing MyMedela

    • Hi Stefanie,

      Yes, an Android version is coming soon! Stay tuned for more. Thanks for your interest!


  1. I can’t get the app to load. I hit login and it stays at a load skin with a spinning circle. Super disappointed

  2. I’m due to deliver any day now and can’t find the Android version of the app. Any idea when it will be a available? Thanks!

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