Ready For Anything: Tips For Breastfeeding Moms

June 4, 2015

More than anyone else, moms know that being prepared for the unexpected isn’t just a good idea – it’s necessary for taking care of a family day-to-day. Whether you’re a working mom who pumps daily or you’re getting ready for a night away from your baby, build a little security into your routine and take these tips into consideration. You might thank yourself later!


Within the depths of your diaper bag, you can probably find spare clothes for your little one, toys, books, snacks, and more. But what about breastfeeding gear for mom? Here are some easy items to stash with your little one’s travel essentials or store in a small bag at work or in your car, just in case:


Be ready for anything and give yourself some peace of mind! Having a manual pump can save the day in a big way, both for moms who typically feed baby at the breast and moms who pump frequently. Here are just a few potential situations where having a compact, non-electric pump as a backup could come in handy:

  • Out and about (without an outlet) – breastfeeding-friendly spaces are becoming more and more common in public places, but some designated nursing areas or family bathrooms still lack electrical outlets. If you need a power source but aren’t sure if you’ll be able to find one, a manual pump like Harmony can help in a pinch and keep you from feeling engorged and uncomfortable.
  • Pumping pickles – They happen! If you forget an essential pump part, are having trouble with your pump, or find yourself otherwise out on a limb, having an extra manual pump stashed away can be a real lifesaver.
  • Power outage – If you pump exclusively and rely on your electric pump, it’s smart to keep a simple manual pump stashed away for emergency situations. Learn more about breast milk collection and storage in emergencies.

Harmony is Medela’s single, manual pump option, which also features patented 2-Phase Expression Technology. It’s an affordable, compact, and lightweight pump for moms who only need to pump occasionally or who want to be prepared with a back up for their electric pump at work or on the go. Find Medela products in a store near you or visit one of our online retail partners.

Are you a Harmony mom? When does a manual pump come in handy for you?


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