Medela Recycles Ambassador Spotlight: Lauren Hartmann

June 2, 2015

What challenges have you faced as a new mom? Some mothers struggle with breastfeeding, while others face tougher challenges with a baby in the NICU.  We’re proud to have Medela Recycles Ambassador Lauren Hartmann’s support as we travel to visit to the Ronald McDonald House of Portland & Southwest Washington this month. Lauren isn’t just helping us spread the word about our new pump recycling program and the impact moms can make – she’s also sharing how she uses the challenges she faced to help other moms in need:

What inspired you to join us as a Medela Recycles Ambassador?

As a first time mom, I really struggled to breastfeed my baby. I had a serious lack of supply and an integral part of my nursing journey involved a Medela breast pump. It was a big part of helping me get my own supply up, but it also played a very important role as it allowed me to receive donated breast milk from other Medela-using mamas. Nursing doesn’t always come easy for all moms and I am so thankful to be partnered with a company like Medela that gives women the tools they need to help them in this journey.

What about Medela Recycles speaks to you?

The thing I really love about the Medela Recycles program is that it provides connection between moms. Even though we may not be able to relate to one another’s unique struggles and challenges within motherhood, we can all lean in and support each other through it. I love the idea of one mom ending her nursing/pumping journey and having it become the beginning of the journey for another mama. It really is such a beautiful connection.

How does your role as a mother influence your work with Medela Recycles + RMHC?

One of the things I love most about being a mom is the fact that it automatically initiates you into a sort of “club” of other moms. I may not understand what it’s like to have a baby in the NICU, but I do understand what it’s like to love your child more than anything and I can empathize with other moms and their stories. It touches my heart to know that I can be even a small part of this program that connects and helps other mothers. 

Who is your biggest philanthropic influence or role model who you feel is actively changing the world for the better?

I have so many friends that are out there doing great things to change the world. I am surrounded by inspiring women who go out and help marginalized populations and those that need help. I have a friend who is working to improve maternal care in Haiti and another who is working to make life better for foster children and families. The people who inspire me most are not necessarily the ones that have the most skills and abilities, but the ones who see a need and set out to fill it.

Working as a Medela Recycles Ambassador, what sort of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I hope that as a Medela Recycles Ambassador, I can encourage other moms who may be struggling with breastfeeding and empower them in their endeavors. It can be so hard, but it is also so worth it.


Lauren is a wardrobe stylist and blogger living in Portland, Oregon with her husband and their two little ones. She writes about pretty things, funny things and parenting things at her blog The Little Things We Do.

Feeling inspired to make a difference? You can help, too! Participating in Medela Recycles means you not only get the satisfaction of knowing that your pump won’t end up in a landfill, but you can also support Medela’s goal of donating new multi-user, hospital-grade Symphony breast pumps to Ronald McDonald Houses in need across the US. Visit to download a FREE shipping label and turn in your pump (it’s that easy, we promise!).

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