Share the Love: Encouraging Bonding Between Your Baby + Your Partner

October 2, 2013

The first weeks and months after your little one’s arrival is naturally a great time for mom and baby to snuggle and get to know each other. Never again will you have this precious time to learn your baby’s rhythms and needs, and how to soothe their cries. However, it’s a common concern for moms to worry about how their new baby will also develop a close bond and lifelong love with their partner. The good news: It’s easy to spread the love around. We’ve gathered some tips for you to encourage bonding between your baby and your partner.

Share Diaper Duty

Or even the night shift. Diaper changes or nighttime feedings with your expressed breast milk are great opportunities for your partner and your baby to have some exclusive one-on-one time. If you can, get into a daily routine – set aside some time after your partner comes home from work, or right before bed, or in the morning – whenever is best to have some quality bonding time. Bath time is also a great time to play, sing silly songs, and grow closer as part of your nighttime routine. Your baby will come to expect and look forward to that time with their other caregiver and you can enjoy a little time to yourself, too.

Get Silly

Encourage playtime from day one. Babies love eye contact and looking at faces. Your little one will love it if your partner makes silly faces and plays little games like peek-a-boo. Plus, once baby starts to smile and laugh, your partner won’t be able to get enough.

Pump Breast Milk

Taking care of your baby is so much more than just feeding, but your partner can even help with that if you use a breast pump to express milk. Pumping enough for your partner to give a bottle means your baby can have an awesome snuggle session and share special feeding time. Or, as you finish nursing your little one, let your partner burp and bounce them or hold them as they drift off to sleep.

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Above all, the most important thing that anyone can give is simply time. Allow your partner time to learn and grow into their new role as a parent. For nine months, you gave your body and blood – and your baby will naturally learn to be comforted by your voice, your smell, and your touch – but now you and your partner can both give your whole selves and work as a team to love and nurture your new baby.

4 thoughts on “Share the Love: Encouraging Bonding Between Your Baby + Your Partner

  1. Dad wears baby much more than I do. They’ve been taking baths together since the beginning. Dad has lots of nephews, and knows games that I don’t and he’s great at making our son laugh. If I ever need to sleep in, dad will take baby and cuddle while playing video games and I get some more sleep!

  2. I like to give daddy alone time with baby by stepping out of the house for a few hours. He loves “father-son” bonding time. They’ll play, eat, cuddle, and share lots of laughs.

    • That sounds like a wonderful way for daddy to bond, Krista – and you get some time alone, too! Thanks for sharing with us – Kathy

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