Straight From Moms: Advice on Talking to Your Insurance Provider

August 13, 2013

When it comes to choosing your pump, let your voice be heard! Insurance providers work with moms every day to accommodate them on their breastfeeding journeys. We recently conducted a survey of some of the biggest insurance companies and gained insight on what options and coverage mothers may have. In addition, we reached out to our Facebook community so they could share their experiences working with insurance companies. Here’s what they had to say:

“My insurance paid fully for the Medela in style advance and I love it!” – Jessica C.

“I received my rx from the hospital when I was discharged and stopped at the medical supply store on the way home. I have the Medela PIS and I love it! Insurance had no issues. The medical supply store is aware of what is covered. I was told that they would even cover storage supplies.” – Traci W.

“Blue Cross Blue Shield paid 90% of mine. Got the Medela Advanced Double Electric in backpack. Wish I had that for my previous two.” – Amber T.

“Called my insurance company…they provided me three phone numbers to DME providers…I picked the Pump In Style…It was here the next day.” – Jillian Y.

“I have Regence BCBS of Oregon and I did not have a problem. I called the DME supplier they pointed me to and I got my choice of a wide range of pumps. I chose the Pump n Style advanced backpack and they took my insurance info down and I got it THE NEXT DAY. Easiest process ever!” – Mia P.

“My insurance covered mine once I found one and got a prescription. Got a Medela Double Electric covered.” – Leanne R.

“I have Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and they covered my Medela Advanced Personal Double electric pump 100%. Had no problems with the order and received it in less than two weeks. Ordered it through Byram Healthcare.” – Taryn C.

“My insurance was a nightmare so I just bought a Medela pump.” – Genevieve F.

“Bought a Pump & Style and was 100% reimbursed within 8 weeks by BCBS Anthem.” – Elizabeth S.

“My plan was grandfathered in, so no pump from UHC for me. Frustrating. I bought a new Medela anyway. I love it.” – Lisa K.

“United Healthcare covered a Freestyle for me but only after some work. If you call and talk to them they only will tell you of two online suppliers and I wasn’t happy with the pumps I could get for free (none compared to my PIS.) But if you read our policy, if I went to a local, in network, durable medical equipment (DME) supplier, it was covered there! Better to ‘buy local’ anyway.” – Jessica M.

“My insurance provider covered my new Medela Advanced 100%! I had my old Medela Double Electric Advanced from when I had my daughter, which still worked perfectly fine, but getting a new one was like Christmas in July! So blessed. Thank you to those who made the Affordable Care Act possible!!!” – Cris D.

For further reference, check out the other responses on our Facebook page. You can also find more information on breastfeeding and your insurance here.

Stay informed. Stay empowered. And share with us your feedback in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Straight From Moms: Advice on Talking to Your Insurance Provider

  1. My insurance covers double electric with a prescription (CIGNA HMO) ordered through a medical supply company over the phone — but, the kicker is, they will only cover what is in stock. I got stuck with the Ameda Purely Yours this time…I still favor my 6 year old Medela Pump in Style Advanced that is working its way through Baby #4! I use that while I am at work …. darn Medela being so popular and backordered in June/July 2013! 😉

    • Hi Allison, we’re sorry to hear that you couldn’t get the pump you wanted, but we’re happy that you’re having a good experience with your Medela pump (even after all those years!). Sometimes, if the pump you want isn’t available where your insurer sent you to get it, you might be able to be reimbursed for a pump you purchase from a retail store. Did you ask about that option? -Kathy

  2. Anthem federal insurance only covers Ameda pumps:( I will be using my pump in style tote from baby #1 and my free ameda milk bags.

    • Hi Ashley, I’m sorry to hear that your insurance provider doesn’t cover the pump you want. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. – Kathy

  3. Just have to ask. Medicare does it help cover even a portion or half of a breast pump if u are wanting one or need one. My first baby didn’t latch and now I’m 5 months pregnant. I went through too meant pumps the first pregnancy. Which is also the best for quality and efficiency. Please get back with me on my two questions. Thank you for your site..

    • Hi Gina,

      Yes, breast pumps are available through WIC and many state Medicaid programs. For information on how to obtain a breast pump through WIC or Medicaid, we suggest that you contact your state WIC agency. To determine which pump might best fit your needs, you can take our Product Selector quiz:

      Congratulations on your new little one! Hope this helps – let us know if you have additional questions.
      – Kathy

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