Summer Fun With Your Family

July 31, 2013

Summer can certainly drag on with long days and scorching hot weather, but never again will you have quite the same opportunity to spend time with your little one playing, learning, growing, and bonding. Breastfeeding can become more challenging, but with a few adjustments, you and your baby can conquer any heat wave. Of course, you probably know about all the essential warm-weather activities – going to the zoo, visiting the park, taking a dip in the pool – but what about those lazy days where you don’t have any plans? Here are some fun ideas to keep everyone cool and comfortable this summer.

Make Momsicles

These frosty treats are great for when your little one begins teething and needs something to soothe their sore gums. Simply freeze breast milk into an ice cube tray and slip frozen cubes into a mesh baby teething feeder. Or, buy small popsicle molds and pour breast milk in. Freeze and run under warm water briefly before feeding to your little one. This trick does double duty because some babies won’t nurse well when teething due to pain. Also, it’s a great alternative to the old ice-cube-in-a-washcloth trick!

Spend Time Outdoors (But Out of the Sun)

Instill a love for the outdoors in your children by spending time outside just relaxing and enjoying nature! Summer welcomes lots of activity in the plant and animal worlds – wherever you go, point out to baby different bugs, critters, and people, too.

Avoid the hottest time of the day when the sun can be dangerous. The sun’s rays can be most damaging to both you and delicate little skin between 10am and 2pm.

String up a hammock and rock your baby while breastfeeding – the ultimate cuddle cocoon! Or, with older children, gather old sheets or blankets, clothesline, or a large box and make a fort in the yard among low tree branches.

Stay Safe

In warm weather, it can be difficult to keep baby safe and comfortable. You don’t want to overdress baby and risk heat rash, but exposed skin can be susceptible to sunburn (and, even worse, it can put your little one in danger of heatstroke). Because babies haven’t fully developed the ability to sweat, it’s important to keep them cool. Their delicate skin is also susceptible to sunburn, so it’s best to keep baby in the shade and dressed in loose-fitting, lightweight clothing.

How do you enjoy the warmer months with your little one? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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