Straight from Moms: How Your Partner and Loved Ones Can Support Your Breastfeeding Journey

July 25, 2013

You’ve probably heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It’s true that in ways both big and small, moms need support in the days, weeks, and months after welcoming a new baby into the world. We asked moms like you how their partners help them throughout their breastfeeding journey, and the stories we received are a great road map for anyone part of a new mom’s support system. Here’s what moms had to say:

“He feeds me while I’m nursing, makes sure I have water, and stays on top of me like a meddling parent to ensure I get enough. He also makes sure to tell me DAILY how proud he is of me. That’s the best support ever in my opinion – just acknowledging the task at hand.” – Katie M.

“Always brought me snacks and drinks while nursing/pumping, when I got discouraged at first he would always talk me up, he even went to meet with a LC with me so he would get the info, too!” – Sara C.

“We were at dinner yesterday and baby June was getting fussy. I said I’ll be back…and my better half said just feed her at the table!!” – Ashley A.

“My hubby keeps our 2 year-old quietly occupied, which is no small task, so I can nurse. He also brings me things I need. He has been a wonderful support about breastfeeding in public and never lets anyone get away with so much as a smirk.” – Dana C.

“My first pregnancy, I was breastfeeding/ pumping and was really overwhelmed & had postpartum. After 2 weeks, I wanted to quit but my husband kept encouraging me and reminding me of the benefits for our son. With his encouragement, I continued to pump for 6 months. Now with our second child, I feel like a pro. So glad I didn’t quit the first time.” – Tammy K.

“When he gets home, he takes our princess while I clean a little and maybe start dinner. If she gets hungry, he takes over cleaning or cooking while bringing me drink or whatever I need. He always asks if I’m comfortable, need a pillow, or anything else in reach. A lot of times, he will come sit next to me and hold her hand and she looks up at him while she’s nursing.” – Samantha H.

“He cleans and disinfects all of my bottles and pump parts every day so they are ready for me when I go to work.” – Erin R.

“If we had an issue, he was right there calling the doctor or googling the answer for me. He never let me quit in my darkest hours.” – Dominique G.

“When I feel like giving up he reassures me it’s for the best!” – Dara C.

Read the full list of responses here on our Facebook page. How do the loved ones in your life help you reach your breastfeeding goals? Share with us in the comments below.

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