Affordable Care Act + Breastfeeding Success: What you need to know

June 14, 2013

Be proactive before your baby is born. You can benefit from the Affordable Care Act and its new provisions, which include breast pump and lactation consultation coverage. Use the infographic below and talk to your insurance provider to make sure you’re asking the right questions and getting the best coverage possible.

ACA and Breastfeeding Infographic


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6 thoughts on “Affordable Care Act + Breastfeeding Success: What you need to know

  1. Belinda Givens says:

    I was trying buy one for my daughter. She had one on baby shower gifts but no one brought it. I do understand why because of price. I was trying to find a coupon that would help in cost. Her insurance doesn’t cover it. I think you for the information. We keep saving we get there. We do have layway. She be on able one day. She can breast feed until she go back to work and everything will be together by then. She already started she brought bottle so we on the way.
    Thank you

  2. I saw this pictograph on Pinterest and it helped located your insurance page and I was able to get my Medela pump from a local representative. I even wrote a blog post about it! Thanks for the great information.

    • Hi Melanie, thanks so much for helping us spread the word! We’re glad you found this information helpful and appreciate you sharing on your blog. -Kathy

  3. Angie Hayter says:

    I was informed by one of our hospitals LC’s when I gave birth to my son about the new law about insurance companies covering breastpumps. I was so excited to call mine to get the ball rolling since I exclusively breastfeed but was looking into one to use on long trips in the car when I was unable to feed him but could pump a bottle and give that to him. I also had issues with my youngest daughter latching on so I wanted to be proactive incase he has similar issues. I was informed that my insurance company will only cover a pump if my baby was in the NICU or had a medical issue that prevented him from nursing like a cleft lip. I was disappointed since I was told this same information back in 2011 when I tried getting one for my daughter since she had latch issues. I hope one day all insurance companies cover breast pumps entirely since many of them are so expensive.

    • Hi Angie, we’re sorry to hear that your insurance wouldn’t cover a breast pump for you. Sometimes, if they will only provide a pump in a case of medical necessity, you may be able to obtain a breast pump if you have a prescription from your doctor. Have you asked about that option? -Kathy

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