Straight From Moms: The Best Breastfeeding Advice I Ever Received

April 23, 2013

We went straight to the source to get the best breastfeeding advice: Moms.

These Medela moms are just like you. They’ve wiped countless spit-ups, overcome concerns of low milk supply, discovered just how special late night feedings can be and mastered the art of breast pumping. Making them perfect candidates to share best-kept breastfeeding advice. We asked Medela moms, “What’s the best breastfeeding advice you ever received?” Here is what they had to say.

“Breastfeeding is natural, but so is walking and we all stumble and fall. Stick with it.” –Amber Nicole D.

“Cherish every moment because those precious memories will stay with you for life.” – Nancy S.

“Don’t give up, your body is designed to feed your baby. Formula is for race cars.” – Rachel S.

“Feed on demand! Builds up your supply and it is extra bonding snuggle time!” – Grace K.

“When in doubt.. whip it out.” – Kristin S.

“Cluster feeding and comfort sucking are good things! It’s nature’s way of getting your supply to where it needs to be, and doesn’t mean you don’t make enough milk to feed your little one!” – Aimee C.

“The first month is the hardest–don’t quit on a bad day. Once you’ve made it past the first month struggles, breastfeeding is the best and most rewarding relationship that you could have with your baby.” – Amanda H.

“Be flexible and don’t be afraid to be “non-traditional.” My daughter wouldn’t latch so I’m an exclusive pumper. I make enough for her and have so much to spare that we have donated milk to 4 other babies. 6 months old and a completely breast milk fed baby.” – Angela Josephine J.

“Keep trying and give yourself small goals. My first goal was 3 months, my next was five months, he just turned five months and we are still going. My new goal is 6 months each milestone is a celebration for me.” -Katie Marie Z.

“Use your nips as a pacifier. It helps solidify your supply and helps your baby’s latch.” – Kali A.

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