Baby Shower Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms

April 7, 2013

Choosing a great baby shower gift can be hard. But, if you know the soon-to-be mom plans on breastfeeding, you can give her a present that will help her to provide the best gift possible for her little one: breast milk. We’ve compiled some of the best Medela baby shower gifts that help to keep a breastfeeding mom organized, comfortable, and stress free.

To keep organized

Pump and Save Bags: These bags help moms stay organized and save time, by pumping directly into a no-leak, zipper bag that stands upright.

Breast Milk Labeling Lids: These lids allow moms to effortlessly track and store pumped breast milk.

Breast Milk Storage Solution: This complete collection of breast milk storage containers allows moms to safely store, organize and protect her breast milk throughout her breastfeeding experience.

To be comfortable

SoftShells: Nipple soreness and flat or inverted nipples are common among breastfeeding moms. SoftShells may help alleviate these problems and are comfortable to wear.

Tender Care Lanolin: For soothing relief of sore nipples, Tender Care lanolin helps breastfeeding moms find comfort.

Tender Care Hydro-Gel Pads: Tender Care hydrogel pads offer cooling relief and protection to tender nipples.

Bra Pads: Leaks happen, but our Bra Pads quickly absorb moisture to give you peace of mind. They come in washable and disposable varieties.

To make breast pump part cleaning a breeze

Quick Clean Breast Milk Removal Soap: Quick Clean breast milk removal soap removes stubborn breast milk residue up to 3 days old and is clinically tested under physician supervision not to cause skin irritation.

Quick Clean Wipes: These wipes are convenient and portable for easy on-the-go cleaning, with no need for soap or water. Proven safe for cleaning of breast pumps and accessories as well as high chairs, tables, cribs and countertops.

Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags: These bags disinfect pump parts and accessories (as well as breast milk bottles and nipples) in the microwave. Just add water.

What’s your go-to baby shower gift for a breastfeeding mom? Share in the comments below.


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