Medela Quick Clean Soap: A New No-Scrub Formula

November 21, 2012

Medela Quick Clean SoapWe all could use some extra time, especially busy parents. That’s why we developed our family of Quick Clean products for breast pump parts, bottles, nipples and more. We’re excited to introduce a new way to save time while cleaning: Quick Clean Soap is here, so moms and dads can spend less time cleaning and more time playing peek-a-boo, reading bed-time stories and bonding with their little ones.

So, why should you try Quick Clean Soap?

It’s hypoallergenic with no added fragrance. This soap is clinically tested under physician supervision not to cause skin irritation. Who wants to risk harming your baby’s soft skin?

There’s no scrubbing required. You can lose the bottle brush. Just soak your breast milk bottles and pump parts in this soapy water for five minutes, rinse, and voila…you’re done!

It removes breast milk residue up to three days old. We’ve all let the sink pile up with bottles that need cleaning. (You were probably busy creating memories with your little ones!) When it’s time to catch up, let Quick Clean Soap help.

Ready to give it a try? You can print a coupon for a dollar off your Quick Clean Soap purchase.

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12 thoughts on “Medela Quick Clean Soap: A New No-Scrub Formula

  1. Can’t seem to find the quick clean soap! Babies R Us doesn’t have it… any ETA or another store in the San Jose, CA area have it? Thanks!

  2. I cannot find anywhere to buy the breast milk soap. I was told my local Babies R Us and Toys R Us carried it but they didn’t have any when I called yesterday. I called Methodist Women’s Hospital’s gift shop (they sell Medela) and they did not have it. It looks like it’s sold out at most online stores. Help!!

    • Hi Amy – We’re sorry it’s hard to find right now. If you search your zip code at the bottom of this page, you’ll be able to see all the retailers that should be carrying it. If they don’t have it now, they should have it soon:

  3. I just started using the Medela soap to clean my pump supplies. I also steam them in the microwave with the Medela bags. Everytime I do this, I find that a residue is left in the bottles. Am I using too much soap or is it from the steam?

    • Hi Brenda,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with residue being left on your parts when using Medela Micro-Steam Bags. Please reach out to our Customer Service team, they’d be happy to help you get to the bottom of this: 1-800-435-8316


  4. Will the quick clean work just as well on bottles that contained both breast milk AND formula? Will it still be”no scrub”?

    • Hi Karen,

      Unfortunately, we’ve only tested our Quick Clean products on breast milk and so we’re not sure about how they would work with removing formula.

      Moms, any experience to share?

      – Kathy

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