October 2, 2012

Calma Sweepstakes[Sorry, this sweepstakes is over. You can learn more about our Calma breast milk feeding solution on our website]

Benefits of Calma:

  • Calma helps reduce gassiness. Its bottle is vented nipple through our unique air control system.
  • Calma supports an easy transition from bottle to breast.  Calma mimics your baby’s natural feeding behavior. Baby can feed, pause, and breathe, similar to breastfeeding.
  • Calma allows your baby to control the flow. Milk only flows when your baby creates a vacuum.
  • You only need one nipple for all stages of breast milk feeding. The flow, shape, and length of Calma are designed to fit your baby’s changing needs.


30 thoughts on “SWEEPSTAKES: Win A Calma

  1. I could use the wonderful pump!! My daughter has a feeding tube and can not eat by mouth so I can only pump!! It would benefit me so much to at least provide her with my milk!!

  2. A Calma would help me continue to provide my newborn with breastmilk while I am away at school. I also will be able to continue to breast feed because this particular bottle is similar to the breast. Thank you, Medela, for giving me this opportunity.

  3. Linda Steinberg says:

    The Calma will help me assist my clients who do not breastfeed at the breast or my working moms who have to pump during the day and have a sitter give there baby their milk in a bottle. I’m a CLC and I think the Calma is such an awesome bottle- the 1st bottle I’ve seen that truly helps prevent nipple confusion!

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