Halloween Fun with the Family

October 31, 2012

Looking for some Halloween fun for kids? We’ve compiled some great Halloween activities to bring your family together and create lasting memories.

 Painting pumpkins. Ditch the carving and paint your pumpkins instead this year. Also, try using a disposable muffin tin to keep the colors from spilling. Click on the photo below for more information.
Halloween Crafts Pumpkins

Source: Parents.com

Ghost Painting with Feet. Create lasting Halloween decorations that will always remind you of tiny feet scampering around the house. Make your children’s footprints into spooky ghosts. Warning: The giggles that come with painting toes are priceless. Click the photo below to get started.

Halloween Crafts Painting

Source: Sweet Happy Life

Spider Web Floor Game. Turn your living room into a spooky and fun spider web and have your kids navigate the web and collect the spiders. For the little ones, crawling or some help from mom is fair game. Click the photo below and learn how to set it up.

Halloween Game Spider Web

Source: No Time For Flash Cards

Do you have any fun Halloween activities to share? Post them in the comments below.

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