INTERVIEW: Breastfeeding, Going Back to Work and Calma

September 11, 2012

For a first time mom, having a baby can be the most overwhelming and magical time of your life. So, like any first time mom, Courtney Rosser spent much of her time researching what to expect and how to adjust to her new life.

Courtney was determined to make breastfeeding her little girl, Arianna, a success once she returned to work. So, after using our new breast milk feeding solution, Calma successfully, Courtney wanted to share her story with you.

Once breastfeeding was well established, Courtney decided it was time to introduce a breast milk bottle to prepare Arianna for when she was going back to work. Courtney first tried slow flow nipples with no success. She found these nipples overwhelmed Arianna, causing her to spit up often. So, after some research she discovered Calma, a breast milk bottle developed using evidence-based research on babies’ natural feeding behavior to support an easy transition from bottle back to breast. In her mind, that was a great solution to support her wishes to return to work and continue breastfeeding. So, with one try, Arianna was hooked:

“She took it the first time. It was just so easy. She took the whole bottle really slowly, at her own pace. So, she could stop, pull away and breathe. It was comforting to know there was a solution that was going to work for us.”

When it was time for Courtney to return to work, she felt confident that any caregiver could use Calma to provide breast milk to Arianna. Not only that, Calma also gave Courtney and her husband the flexibility to take her baby anywhere and feel comfortable providing breast milk. That freedom was just what a first time mom, like Courtney, needed. In fact, Courtney believes she’ll be able to breastfeed longer because of the flexibility Calma bottles brought her family:

“Breastfeeding was really overwhelming at first and Calma provided the breaks that we needed but still allowed us to enjoy bonding time and all the benefits of breastfeeding. I think it helped me breastfeed longer.”

Now, Arianna is 6 months old and continues to breastfeed successfully with the help of Calma.

Are you returning to work soon? Consider Calma as part of your breast milk feeding solution. Also, stay tuned on Facebook for a Calma Giveaway coming soon.

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