6 Reasons To Try Calma

July 24, 2012

For many busy moms, pumping is the best option to meet the many needs of their families. But above all, moms want to ensure that they’re providing the best nutrition possible for their little ones, even when they can’t be there. That’s where Calma, our new breast milk bottle comes into play. Calma was developed using evidence-based research on babies’ natural feeding behavior, so moms can enjoy their breastfeeding bond longer.

Here are six reasons why moms like you say that Calma could be the breast milk bottle-feeding solution for you and your baby. Be sure to check out the links below and see the reviews moms posted on their blogs:

  1. Calma reduces gassiness. Calma has a vented nipple that helps prevent your little one from swallowing too much air during a feeding.
  2. Calma supports an easy transition from bottle to breast. Calma mimics your baby’s natural feeding behavior, so they can use a similar sucking pattern to breastfeeding, even when they can’t be near you.
  3. Calma allows your baby to control the flow. Your baby can pause, breathe and feed naturally.
  4. Calma won’t leak. You can turn Calma upside down and it still won’t drip. Your baby needs to create a vacuum in order for milk to flow.
  5. You only need one nipple for all stages of breast milk feeding. The flow, shape and length of Calma are designed to fit your baby’s needs as your baby grows.
  6. Calma is compatible with all Medela breast milk bottles. Already stocked with Medela bottles? No problem. The Calma nipple fits on any Medela bottle.

Still wondering how Calma can help you breastfeed longer? Check out some additional Calma reviews from moms like you.

Have you tried Calma? Share your experiences in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “6 Reasons To Try Calma

  1. natali guerrero says:

    I tried this bottle when mu daughter was 4 weeks old. The reason i bought it was because she was choking on every other bottle that i bought her. I was hoping that Calma would work, but sadly it didn’t it was coming out why to fast and she didnt like it. i contacted Medela and they gladly replaced it with a new one, but i think it was too late. she was used to the BornFree nipple and now doesn’t want to try the Calma.

    i was really hoping it would work because it would be way easier to go from pumping to feeding without having to switch the milk around so much.

    • Hi Natali – Thanks for sharing your story. We’re sorry to hear that your baby didn’t immediately take to Calma. We’ve found sometimes that Calma takes a little getting used to. Typically, babies suck vigorously at the beginning of a feeding to stimulate let down. With Calma, relaxed sucking, similar to the middle of a feeding works best. Many moms found that after a few tries, Calma helped immensely with the transition from bottle to breast. Thanks, Kathy

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