Is a Breast Pump Covered by Health Insurance?

May 1, 2012

Breastfeeding moms are always happy to hear that many health insurance companies cover the costs of a breast pump and other breastfeeding-related supplies and services. In order to receive these benefits, it’s important that moms understand their benefits and communicate effectively with their insurance company.

When it’s time to reach out to your insurance company, keep the following tips in mind.

Do your research. Your insurance company or your employer’s benefits department can give you a policy handbook with specific details about your coverage. You can also find information on the company’s website. Most insurance companies also have a trained customer service department available to answer any initial questions you may have.

Have specific questions in mind. As you do your research, put together a list of questions you plan on asking. This will help prepare you for your conversation and ensure you don’t forget to address certain questions. You can start with some of the breast pump coverage questions we have prepared on our website.

Be confident. You have every right to thoroughly understand your benefits, so don’t be shy. Ask as many questions as you need. There are trained employees whose job is to make sure you understand your coverage. If you are unhappy with your experience, ask to speak with a supervisor. You don’t need to take “no” for an answer; besides, it’s your and your baby’s healthcare you’re talking about.

Document all communication. Whether it’s over the phone or via email, note the details of your conversation, date and the representative you spoke with. Also, keep copies of any written communication. That will help protect you if there are ever any discrepancies between conversations.

Get assistance. In many cases, your employer’s HR department determines the extent of your insurance coverage; so don’t hesitate to ask them for help in the process. Their support may help with final approval of the coverage. Also, it may be beneficial to have your Lactation Consultant or healthcare provider reach out to the insurance company, as well. They will be able to speak to your medical needs and help to justify the coverage.

Pay attention to details. We understand this process can seem overwhelming, but providing detailed and accurate information will help expedite the process. Errors and missing information in forms and communication will only delay potential approval.

Did your insurance company cover a breast pump or other lactation products or services? Share any tips you have in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Is a Breast Pump Covered by Health Insurance?

  1. Andrea clapham says:

    My insurance got me a medela electric pump that came in a bag and came with a cooler and icepack and all the accessories and also a hand pump and accessories

    • Hi Andrea – That’s great to hear. We’re happy your insurance company was able to help you provide the best nutrition for your little one.

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