What to Consider When Choosing A Breast Pump

January 5, 2012
What to Consider When Choosing A Breast Pump

Choosing a breast pump doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can decide on a great breast pump that fits your needs just by asking yourself a few easy questions.

How often are you planning on using a breast pump?
Some breastfeeding moms find it helpful to have a supply of expressed breast milk occasionally on hand. In that case, a hand-powered breast pump, like the Medela Harmony, might be right for you. Or, if you’d prefer an electric pump, the Medela Swing single breast pump could be your choice. These pumps are great for a mom that occasionally relies on pumped milk for her little one.

Are you planning returning to work full or part time?
If you are planning to return to work full or part time, it may not be possible to breastfeed your little one during work hours. So, many working moms rely on a double electric breast pump such as the Medela Pump In Style Advanced or Freestyle. Each of these breast pumps also include a cooler bag, ice pack and breast milk bottles for convenient breast milk storage and transport until you arrive home.

Would you prefer to buy or rent a breast pump?
Some moms choose to rent a breast pump for a variety of reasons. Some may only need a pump for a short time, so a rental may be more cost effective. Some moms simply want to use the same pump they used in the hospital. If there are medical issues, such as a premature or hospitalized baby, a hospital-grade rental pump is always recommended. If you’re interested in renting, Medela offers an online tool to help you find hospital-grade breast pumps for rent in your area.

If you still have questions about what breast pump is right for you, consider reaching out to Medela’s Lactation Consultant for additional advice. Also, try our interactive product selector to help you through this process.

Moms, what breast pump are you using? Did you find certain features that you preferred about your pump over others? Share your answers in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “What to Consider When Choosing A Breast Pump

  1. I need your advise, I got inverted nippes problem..my 1st baby i’m very sad I failed to breastfeed..now im pregnant for my 2nd bb, can u please give me some advise which pump should i choose?

    thank you

    • The Freestyle and Pump in Style are our most popular double electric pumps. You can also talk to an LC about the best pump for your situation. Check out our breast pump selector tool for customized results: http://bit.ly/z9PLBB

  2. Please tell me the MAJOR differences between all these 4 electric pumps:
    Medela Freestyle Electric Breast Pump
    Medela Pump In Style® Advanced On-the-go Tote
    Medela Mini Electric Plus Double Breast Pump
    Medela Swing™ Breastpump


  3. I want to increase my milk supply and I have been mix feeding (beast and bottle) for the past 6 months. Which pump could help me to increase milk supply and get rid of the top up formula feedings?

    • Hi Parker,

      Congratulations on your new little one and for breastfeeding for 6 months! What a wonderful accomplishment. To maintain and increase breast milk supply, we recommend pumping with a double-electric pump such as the Medela Pump In Style Advanced or Freestyle. You can take our Product Selector quiz and learn more about what pump might best fit your needs here: http://bit.ly/1ndWIZS. Please also feel free to reach out to our Lactation Consultant for tips here: http://bit.ly/1QyNumO. Hope this helps – keep up the great work!

  4. Hi! I m planning to return to work.would like to buy breast pump to feed expressed milk to my baby.i m confused between medela swing maxi and freestyle breast pump.what is the advantage of buying freestyle over swing maxi?

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