The Family’s Role in Breastfeeding: Keep The Connection

November 1, 2011

Although a baby spends lots of time with his or her nursing mother, your family’s role in breastfeeding can be instrumental to success. The suggestions below will not only help make your breastfeeding journey a success, but will also help your partner and family keep the connection with the little one.

Family Support

Your family’s attitude toward breastfeeding can dramatically influence your own decision to breastfeed and ultimately provide you with the encouragement to breastfeed longer. If sleep deprivation and hormonal changes wear on you or cause you to question your decision to breastfeed, supportive words and encouragement from your family are essential. Try talking with your family and guide them to words that will give you the motivation you need.

Help With Household Chores

During this busy time, your family can help by taking care of household responsibilities while you’re breastfeeding. This allows you to relax and focus your energy on providing the best nutrition for your little one. Ultimately, you may notice you have more relaxing time with baby or moments to focus on you.

Shared Responsibilities

Although you may feel like you’re breastfeeding constantly, remember there are many responsibilities that your family can help with, too. A baby’s brain development depends on frequent verbal, physical, and emotional interaction with someone familiar. A mother engages in most of these activities while breastfeeding, but this is also a great opportunity for your family members to help your little one grow. After you finish breastfeeding, let your partner or another family member share some time playing and cuddling with baby. Make sure playtime includes plenty of eye contact to help stimulate your baby’s development. Also, if your family isn’t always around during the day, try saving some tasks, like reading a book, for when they return home or stop by.

What has helped your partner or family member keep the connection while breastfeeding? Share in the comments below.

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