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September 20, 2011

Helping moms breastfeed longer is at the core of Medela’s mission. We understand that the journey through motherhood can be the scariest and most exciting time of your life, filled with spit ups, early-morning cries and endless surprises.

As a mom, you have moments of fear, exhaustion and uncertainty, but you do it all for the special moments you share with your little one. Those moments encourage moms to keep the connection and persevere through their breastfeeding journey while continuing to provide their children the best nutrition possible.

With that in mind, we developed the “Medela Moments” blog to offer support, breastfeeding tips and much more for moms like you – all with the hope of helping you share more special moments with your child. So, we welcome you and hope you will keep reading as we begin to navigate through the joys, surprises and challenges of motherhood. Please subscribe to stay updated and get our weekly posts emailed to you. Just hit the orange RSS button in the right corner.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Medela Moments

  1. I’ve always thought that Medela was a great company with great products. I’m a nursing mom of two kids (the oldest is 2 yrs and 8 months and the young is 2.5 months). I’ve used the medela freestyle pump since my oldest was born. It’s been great, no complaints. However, due to life “mysteries”, my breast pump stop working on the day I returned to work from my maternity leave for the second baby (the pump is a little old and it has had MANY hours of hard work!!!!). I called the customer service group and although the pump was not covered under warranty they offer me the “previous medela customer” program…. which granted me a great discount! They even paid for expedited shipping! I got my problem resolved at a great price! The CSR was great and a love to work with! Medela exceeded my expectations!

    …A. Ramos

    • We’re glad you like our blog. You can subscribe by clicking the orange RSS icon in the top right corner. Happy breastfeeding!

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